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The Happy Ones
By Julie Marie Myatt
Date: October 2019

Orange County California, 1975. For Walter, it’s the happiest place on earth. He has a beautiful wife. Two great kids. A house with a pool. Contentment. Until fate strikes a devastating blow, leaving Walter with no reason to put the pieces of his life back together. He resists attempts of help, especially the unexpected and unwanted offer from a Vietnamese refugee who bears his own sadness. An uplifting, and surprising funny play by a rising star in American Theater.


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By A.R. Gurney
UpStage Napa Valley's 'Sylvia' is a
romp in the park

“Sylvia,” directed by Sharie Renault, is a comedy written by A. R. Gurney. It’s about a couple in Manhattan, living in a small apartment. They have raised their family and it’s time for wife Kate (Megan Whyte) to start her career, of teaching English to inner-city kids.


One day, husband Greg (Fred Ireland) comes home from the park with a delightful dog, named Sylvia, portrayed admirably by Alexis Forni. The two are inseparable. And as Greg’s midlife crisis continues, he decides to take more and more afternoons off from work, to spend time with Sylvia in the park.

It’s not all sunshine and bliss, though, because Kate can’t abide Sylvia, despite the dog’s best efforts to win her affection.


Greg and Kate reach a compromise … they will keep Sylvia on a trial basis for a couple of days, which, inevitably stretches to a couple of months. And, therein, lies the drama and the heart of this play, which leads to a lot of laughs." 

David Stoneberg - St. Helena Star

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